My Way Or No Way

We are firm on some beliefs of ours. They mean everything to us, they guide us, they drive us. To be attached to one's beliefs is not bad, it's a good thing. It shows that there are things we value, we cherish. In life, we come at a decision point often, where we have to make a very tough choice - the choice being whether we should stick to our beliefs or compromise them ? When this happens, we are greatly disturbed internally. The very moral fibre of our existence is being put to test. The test of choice between idealism and practicality.

When your beliefs are put to choice, you can choose to have it your way. You can choose to be firm in your ideals. But in life, we are not put at crossroads by our principles alone. Even the normal, practical issues in life put us in a split dilemma often. The dilemma whether to choose your way or accept someone else's. If ego enters the fray, the decision faces the peril of an ego clash. But if ego is not in the picture, a calm, composed, collective, and correct decision looking from all sides can be taken.

In life, often we see things only from our point of view. We react too fast. We fail to probe a bit deeper to fathom the roots arising from the other side. We are too wedded only to our thinking. We are unable to see the other view point. Our vision is one sided. We are putting ourselves at a deliberate disadvantage. We are unable to assimilate the goodness in other thoughts and use it for our own benefit. This happens to some of us at some point in time. It's at a later stage we regret our rigidity. Because we operate from weakness when we say, "it's my way or no way".

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