My Writings

Friends have asked me why I write ? Is it for fun ? Is it to give knowledge, wisdom ? Is it to show off my skill with English words ? Or is it to become famous and seek attention ?

The answer to each question is "yes". It is a little mix of everything. There is a selfish reason, as well as a selfless reason.

When I write, I select a topic. The selection of topic takes a little time - around 5 minutes. Once that is done, I finish the entire writing in around 15 minutes on that topic. The internal joy that I feel when I finish a topic is that even I am unaware of the flow of the topic, and it's final outcome. As I write on my iPhone, I ensure I am undisturbed till I finish. The greatest joy in my writings is those approximately 15 minutes of bliss when I am stripping the topic from all angles to give it a positive outcome. I view positivity by the yardstick of giving motivation, giving knowledge, and/or bringing peace. When I achieve the selfless motive of it being a guide to someone, enriching life, and bring a smile on the face, my selfishness gets merged into selflessness, and I simply enjoy the depth of writing.