Relationship = Respect + Response. This is the definition. You build relationships based on the quality of your interactions. Deep, strong relationships wear the clothing of love, and trust. Relationships need time to mature. The maturity point varies with people, and situations. Mature relationships have more stability. Maturity is defined by time, and depth. The greater the maturity, the greater the strength.

Every relationship stands on 2 basic pillars - love, and trust. Love is the care, and compassion you bring in your social exchanges. Trust is your ability to keep your word, and commitment. Love is more from heart, it's a feeling, it can be felt in the gentleness of your words, and manners, as well as your actions. Trust comes from the goodwill and reliability you have developed over the years. Both are slightly different. A loving person may not necessarily be fully trusted and vice-versa.

It's easy to call someone a friend. But friendship is not about fun only, it carries with it a duty. The duty of being available at the right time when your friend needs. It is about response. Are you able to respond to your friend in need ? Is it a mere word by the tongue or do you translate the help your friend needs through your actions ? Often, we fail in our duty to respond. It's not our need. We fail to feel the sensitivity. Inadequate, and insincere response is the cause of failure of most relationships. Sometimes, we fail to even respond to normal meetings, or take calls, or reply to messages - not for helping, but just to meet up. We are signalling to the other party, that we don't have interest to carry this relationship further. Absence of response is a signal of absence of care. It's the end of a relationship. No response, no relationship.

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