My creation was not in my power. It was powered by the superpower. Nothing was created by me, because in the end all my so-called creation can only be attributed to my creator. It's a vertical chain. As a created, I become powerless in the universal equation. I own nothing. Nothing is mine.

Humility should be our natural trait. A trait which reflects our nothingness. But we develop pride, ego. We attach ourselves to ownership. We like to feel ourselves as the masters, and rulers. All our perceived ownership is illusionary. Our societal, class structures creates this false ownership. Equality is no more possible. In this unequal world, we feel pride in boasting of our mistaken ownership. It's a mistake. Nothing is mine.

When something is yours, you are weak. Because you may lose what belongs to you. When many things in this worldly sense belong to you, you have fear of losing them. But if you are not attached to them, it is as if you feel nothing is yours. Then, you escape the fear of losing your attachment. It's better to feel zero, because this zero is liberation. You feel free, without bonds of expectation. It happens when you say to yourself, "nothing is mine".

You were born naked, without any wealth, power, fame, or status. You will be sent away from this world the same way. Everything in the middle is the production of a movie of your life. Movies are not real. You put on false clothes, and do false acting of your emotions. This falsehood represents your sense of false ownership. We feel so important that we are actors in a movie. But the movie was a mere entertainment. For a moment, you felt the movie was a reality. But the movie had an end. It was the end of this perceptual reality. As the movie ended, we lost everything. We lost our name, fame, and dame. We were without life, lame. Nothing is mine.