When you murder yourself, it is called suicide. Suicide cannot be talked only in terms of physical death. You can also commit intellectual suicide. Or emotional suicide. Emotional suicide means to put your spiral of feelings into a negative whirlpool. We can control our feelings. We can have emotional mastery of ourselves. But sometimes, we lose total control. Instead of being a master, we become a slave. Obsession is 1 such thing. It enslaves you.

Obsession is mental destruction. Your entire life, and thoughts become unidimensional. You see only 1 thing. You see only 1 colour. You miss out on the lovely multi-colours that life has to offer. All the lovely colours are there right in front of your eyes. But you become blind. You can see only 1 colour. This colour has a name. It's called obsession.

Obsession feeds purely on the object it is obsessed with. When that object goes farther, the obsession suddenly gets deeper. It's as if the food needed to keep it healthy has gone away. It feels even more hungry now. It often goes into a panic attack. The fear of losing its object is too deep. Obsession is alive because of the fear of loss of its beloved. There could be any type of beloved - money, power, fame, social status, or some special people, relationships. When you love something too deeply, as much as your own life, it becomes a dangerous obsession. You can't afford to lose. But in reality, you are the greatest loser.

The winners of life are those who are prepared to lose, to give up easily. Their attachments are not so deep that it can cause deep pain. The losers of life are those who are not prepared to lose, they are deeply attached, and obsessed with their objects of desire. They can't give up, they can't let go. They live in fear of loss. This fear is like killing your own positivity, joy. You feel chained, you lose your freedom. Obsession is self murder.

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