He said that the future of the world's youth was in safe hands. He felt social media had created a large pool of positive messages being passed on giving inspiration, and motivation. This was his opinion. He expressed it to a group of his friends. One of his friends did not agree, in fact he viewed it oppositely. Both were opinions, but they were looking through different windows. One window faced the east, the other the west. Opinion is a window.

A window can be open or closed. An open window allows fresh air to come in, and gives natural ventilation to the room. An open mind allows your opinion to accept the other viewpoints and make your opinion amenable to merge, mix with others in harmony. A closed window is the opposite. It is rigid. No other opinion is welcome. It makes the room stuffy, and suffocating. An opinion is like a window, it can be open or closed.

Sometimes, the pollution level in the outside air is too great. Or there are lot of insects, and mosquitoes that can enter through the window. In these times, the window shuts itself to preserve the quality of living index in the room. An opinion is the same. At times, it is better to deliberately close yourself to the defeating outside influence to preserve your natural character.

Opinions should not be considered as a threat. Can a window be a threat? An opinion is simply the flow of the wind. Nothing can prevent the flow of the wind, because when people are present in the world nothing can prevent opinions. The wind will keep flowing, only their direction keeps changing. It all depends on the window. Because an opinion is a window.