He was Chairman of a large oil company, where he was a majority shareholder. He was one of the wealthiest people in the world. He was not a worker. He was an owner.

To own something, you need to create it. God is creator of this world, so we can say he is also its owner. But, when that same question is brought down to the human race, and we ask what do different human beings actually own? Then, we try and trace this question to the origin of all ownership, God. Our answer says that God is the ultimate owner of everything. All other human ownership is then a mere misappropriation, or merely a sub-ownership. Everything belongs only to God, the one who creates, the ultimate owner.

Human ownership then becomes a case of wrong labelling. We are calling ourselves an owner, even though it is for a short time. When we enlarge our vision to an universal vision, we realise we are a tiny speck in the universe. We are that speck that had no control over its creation. We did not create ourselves. We were created. And like us there were other creations. We own nothing. We are owned by the universe. We cannot own our wealth, it's not ours. We cannot own our family, friends, they are just an association. We cannot own our beloved, they exist for our joy, not as our unilateral creation. We own nothing. We own no ego. Because we are nothing. Ownership is an illusion.