2 patients in adjoining rooms were admitted for malaria. The 1st patient had resigned himself to his illness, and was patient in his suffering. The 2nd patient was always complaining of his suffering and hence felt anxiety and actually felt the pain even more. Pain is in the mind, it can be played with, it can be altered. The same sun which can give a white man a lovely tan can be considered by another as too hot to bear. Pain is your view point, pain is a perception.

Pain is attachment. Can you lose your attachment ? You can't. If you do, you feel pain. Detachment is an insulation against pain. Attachment is the cause. Attachment and detachment are both in the mind. It's linked to your desire. Hence, pain gives its birth and death both in the mind. There is nothing like pain. It's simply how you decide to view it. Pain is a mere perception.

Our deep love for this world, and its possessions causes us to run after it. We are like hungry animals running after fulfilling our desires, lusts, and ambitions. The thought of running in this rat race is the cause of our anxieties, and pain. Just change the perception a bit, think you are a rat, but you are not running any race. Wouldn't you enjoy more peace ? Pain is how you programme your mind, how you perceive yourself. Pain is perception.

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