In life if you own, then you need to guard, and control, because otherwise you may lose your ownership. In life if you partner, you share the joy of human bonding, and over time learn the art of adapting. In ownership, you may feel pride. In partnership, you maybe forced to humble yourself, and be flexible.

A partner is also an owner, but he shares his ownership. The human skill needed in partnership outweigh those in ownership. You have to deal with egos, views, beliefs, strategies, other than your own. You may often need to sacrifice just to keep the partnership alive. Those who can partner with grace, reflect the finer dressing of humanity.

There are many types of partnerships in the world, not only business. Your spouse is your life partner. You are a partner in your family. To your friends, you partner in friendship. Each partnership teaches us lessons in adaptability, humility, persuasion, calmness, and overlooking small faults. They refine our humanity. To be in the centre of human society is like being in the middle of the ocean. You can enjoy it's beautiful serenity, or if your emotional boat is not strong, you could drown. Humanity gets chiselled only through experiencing partnerships. Partner, not own.

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