He felt immense work pressure. He was constantly battered, and harassed by his boss. The goals set were superhuman, but he was only a human. He felt mental tension. He knew his boss was doing wrong to him. He had 3 choices: 1. Tell his boss of the injustice 2. Be silent and bear it or 3. Walk away from his job.

It's difficult to point injustice of your superiors, there can be repercussions. Only the sophisticated and the brave can do it. Most of us lack these dual qualities. If we try option 1 without the 2 qualities, the consequences could be fatal in terms of the relationship.

The truth is we are living in a cyclical, karmic world. We do injustice to others, and injustice gets done to us. What goes around, comes around. When injustice is being done to us, often it is not possible to fight openly. The odds are not in our favour. The other side, the side of injustice, is too strong, powerful, and ruthless. At these times, we need to take a step back so we can move out of the firing line. Also, we need to have faith in karmic justice. This means we bear the suffering in patience, and silence knowing fully well that the conscience of the unjust will hurt and prick, and justice will be meted out in future. In this faith, lies the possibility of silent contentment.

We also need to be careful, and sensitive to how we interact in our relationships. At an emotional level, we should not hurt feelings. At all other levels, we should not break trust. This sensitivity, this justice, of our self, will ensure our inner peacefulness. It will then matter less what others do to you, as you care with depth about your actions. You accept the injustice, and imperfection in others as you sing with inner joy at your beautiful sensitivity. You will often say to yourself, "am I doing right to others?", and worry less about, "people are doing wrong to me".

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