Pill Power Cannot Increase Willpower

He was feeling sad, his thoughts were low, negative. He felt robbed of energy. He was a body without spirit. It's seemed something had killed his spirit. He was finding it even difficult to do his daily chores. He was in depression. He needed help. In today's modern world, they claim even pills can change your mood. Depression can be conquered by popping anti-depressants. A chemical can conquer sadness. It's unbelievable.

Yes, to me this entire science of happiness pills is unbelievable. Because I do not believe in it. Thoughts are ruled by an individual. He can programme it as per his will. He can rely on his will, but instead he has chosen to rely on a pill. The science of happiness is a definitive science. There are proven theories which lead to happiness. It's tried and tested. It's documented in scriptures, and by mystics. Happiness is not a mystery, it's secret can be known to sincere, committed students of emotions. Emotions need not be our masters, instead we can be their masters. We can control our inner peace in times of external turbulence.

The 4 secrets of happiness are :

* love

* values

* positivity

* detachment

You are the captain of the ship of your mental peace. You can steer this ship to safety in the most dangerous of storms. When even the most deadly storms can't shake your willpower, then why rely on the doubtful science of pillpower ?

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