Often our words don't suffice. There is a doubt on our actions. Our character has a blot. Faith is missing. We are unable to convince the other person about our genuineness. As a last resort, we say, "please trust me".

We all attempt in our lives to move the word trust from an explanation to an assumption. But only a handful few succeed. Often we need to explain our trust. We operate from weakness when we need to justify why we need to be trusted. Now, if there was no need to explain, but it was assumed that we could be trusted, how much easier it would be for us. If there was a precious treasure which could protect a man in every difficulty, it would be trust. Trust is precious. Don't lose it from your possession. If you lose trust, you will lose the glow attached to your name.

Trust is not built in 1 day. Neither is it built by mere words. Trust is built when your words and actions match. Trust gets strengthened every time you keep your word. Trust is reflected in punctuality. A trustworthy man cares for others, he helps those in need. Generous people are easily trusted. Trust is your clothing. If there are stains on it, your dress looks dirty, you create a bad impression. Then you will be left with no option but to say, "please trust me".