It is common amongst many of us that when we indulge in some pleasures then we feel guilty along with it. The fun of pleasures is destroyed by the threat of guilt. So what do many of us do ? We avoid pleasures. It's a simple way to avoid guilt.

There is a better option. Enjoy the pleasure, but avoid the guilt. But is this possible ?

Let us examine the main reasons of guilt :

* you have promised physical fidelity to someone

* you are ignoring someone at the cost of your pleasure

* you are avoiding your responsibilities

Thus to avoid guilt, you have to do just the opposite :

* don't promise physical fidelity to anyone

* take care of everyone, never ignore anyone

* fulfil your responsibilities

If you can do the above, you can enjoy your pleasures without guilt. Guilt pricks you. Is the pain too deep ? The call is yours. The best way is to avoid guilt. Only a truly liberated, and responsible person can do this. When you live with relatively little guilt, you feel free. You are not answerable to anyone. You live in the joy of your heart. There is no guilt to destroy that joy. Because you have destroyed guilt.

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