Hygiene is needed for everything. For the body, mind, and soul. We need to have hygienic practises. Hygiene when practised for the body leads to personal cleanliness. Physical hygiene will make you look nice, and smell nice. But there is a hygiene which has an atleast equal importance. And that is emotional hygiene.

Emotional hygiene refers to the exercise an individual undertakes to maintain emotional positivity, and stability. These exercises need to be practised everyday. Don't you clean your body everyday ? In the same way, one needs to clean the dirt in one's mind and heart everyday. Practise emotional hygiene everyday.

The following 7 exercises in emotional hygiene could help you :

* try and be egoless - don't be hurt by criticism, or flattered by praise

* enjoy life - be innocent, and inquisitive

* spread love - care for others, be warm, and sweet

* be positive - every problem has a solution

* speak the truth - keep your commitments

* be patient - in difficulties be calm, find a solution

* help others - your heart needs to be big to always help

These 7 guidelines could lay the foundation of your inner peace. Nothing is more precious than your inner peace. It is in your hands only. Practise emotional hygiene everyday.