We pray for hope. We pray to ask. We hope for ourselves. We ask for ourselves. In prayer, the other side is God. We put our faith in God to answer our prayers. Most often, prayer is about ourself. This quality makes prayer selfish.

In prayer we try and bypass justice, and karma. We try to go direct to God, we are trying to take a short cut. We need to know there is no short cut to your karma, actions. What you sow, you reap ! In this equation, prayer is null and void. Prayer often tries to take a short cut to fulfilment of hope.

Prayer gives strength to many. In the times of distress, prayer is the pillar which gives hope for the future. The worshipper feels he has the backing of God. In prayer, when you move from asking to humility, the prayer becomes selfless. In prayer, when you express gratitude, and ask for forgiveness, your prayer has assumed humility. Now, prayer is selfless.