Anger is normal. It's human. When things don't go our way, we feel angry. When people hurt us or break our trust, we feel angry. When expectations are not met, there is anger. Anger is normal. Because the ego needs to defend itself, and anger is the method.

Anger has a cause. But when we are angry, we become animal like. We suddenly only see our point of view. We often don't even give the other person a chance to explain. Think of all the times you have got angry in your life. You will often in hindsight realise that you got angry over very small, inconsequential things. Your anger put a severe dent in the relationship. And caused a deep distress in your internal equilibrium. When you shower your anger on someone, you are the one who often feels deeply disturbed. Anger destroys your inner peace.

There is no need to cause yourself so much self suffering. So, the next time you feel angry, don't react. If you are standing, then sit down. If you are sitting down, then close your eyes and do some deep breathing. Become silent. Become dead, motionless. And resolve to yourself, that whatever made you angry, you will react to it only after 7 hours. When you end up doing this, the sudden outburst of your anger will find its balance in a rational answer to its cause. Your anger could wear the clothing of forgiveness. Just give it 7 hours.