When the person is comfortable with how they look, there is no make up artist needed. Make up of the body often adds to beauty, so it need not be looked down upon. But there is another type of make up people do. Make up of the soul. Some people need to hide from the world certain bad qualities they possess. So herein walks in the image management need. However, real people don't care about image.

Real people wear the emotions on their sleeves. They speak from their heart. There is no hypocrisy. They find it tough to pretend, they are bad at lies. So what comes out is their real personality. And they are comfortable with it. They are happy with its goodness and badness. Real people don't care about image.

A real person knows his self worth. So, when you praise him he does not feel proud or delighted and when you criticize him he does not break down. He knows what he is made up of. External comments don't affect him much. Hence, it hardly matters to him what people think of him. Real people don't care about image.

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