Often, we hear management gurus coaxing their audience to dream big, and achieve them. It's as if the most important thing in life is to have some big goals, and like the single minded devotion of a hungry tiger, we have to catch our prey, and realise our dreams. If we realise our dreams, then we are winners, or else, we are losers. Our success determines our value. Then this world will honour us with it's false respect, and glory. But to get this honour, you have to realise your dreams.

Our dreams the way they are defined have 1 problem. They are all measurable. It's about how much money you will make, what will be your designation, how famous you will become, or the position of power you will hold. It is all measurable by the external world. Once we start realising our dreams, we are termed as "winners". Now, we can even become a little arrogant and get away with it. We are successful. We have now a license to arrogance. We may have realised our dreams, but has it come at the cost of our humanity ? If yes, is this a worthy sacrifice ?

Your wealth can never give you happiness. Yes, it can give you comfort, but not happiness. The 2 are different. Haven't you heard of the countless rich people who suffer from severe mental disabilities ? Has wealth given them happiness ? Why not ? Because happiness is internal, wealth is external. Dreams are aimed towards wealth. How many of us have a dream to be content, and happy ? Maybe just a few. Our dreams are wrongly directed. If we change their directions towards inner realisation with inner peace, then they are worth to be burning the midnight oil for. You need to be sensitive to your inner journey while undertaking your external journey. The contentment within will realise your dreams.