Religion And Morality

We live in a multi-religious world. Each religion defines its moral code. The code of the right and wrong. The right being rewarded, the wrong punished. Here, the reward and punishment is divine, it comes from God, or its equivalent. Religious morality binds human ethics towards good values, by and large. The morality interpreted by most religions would generally meet acceptable moral standards at a human level. Religion can hence be considered as a strengthening moral factor at a personal, human level.

But what happens when we live our religious morality at a personal level, and it contradicts with religious morality of people around of other religions. The same strengthening influence at a personal level becomes a potentially disruptive and destructive influence at a community level. Multi-religious communities live often on the brink of a potential volcanic eruption. Their beliefs, and ideologies stand at crossroads. The deeply zealous, and fanatical followers represent the highest levels of intolerance to others. A social disaster has often been the result of such deep rooted judgemental intolerance.

Morality which helps us grow our humanity through human values should always be welcomed, and learned from. Morality which makes us restless, intolerant, and judgemental must be avoided. It should hardly matter what others around you are doing because karmic justice will only affect you with your own actions. The actions of others can have no bearing on your destiny. You create your own destiny through your actions. It's no use being judgemental about others. It hardly matters you. If you shine in your own goodness, you will not need to worry about the badness of others. Because the effect of your goodness will be the best example to bring change. Practice rather than preaching always brings greater change. Be calm when you feel you see wrong around you, try not to judge without knowing the reason, avoid preaching, and let your practice of your virtues have their natural magic effect. Change outside, always starts only with change within. That's the morality which should matter, because then your religion will be drawn with the shining faces of humanity.

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