Religion is supposed to make you strong. Because you have 2 powers, God's power and your power with you. God is with you, God is behind you. You should be very strong now.

But, often religion does the opposite. It makes you weak. You spend hours praying to God. Suddenly, you forget that you also have a power of your own to do things. You lose the sight that you have independence of your actions. You feel powerless. You feel weak.

Religious people rely on the scriptures. They believe the scripture holds all the answers. They lose the independence of their rational thought. They become dependent, they become like a servant. They become weak.

In religion, you surrender to God. Surrendering need not make you weak, as long as you can retain the power of your individuality. Your thoughts need to be based on reason, not superstition. You need to strike a balance between resigning to your destiny, and carrying on the free will you have regarding your actions. This balance is hard to find. Hence, often religion can make you weak.

Studies (e.g. - Oct 2013 issue of The Psychological Medicine) have shown that religious people suffer from higher rates of depression.

I am not suggesting that you discard your religion. Religion offers great strength, and guidance to many. Let your religion move from rituals to spiritual humanism. Let religion make you strong.

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