Life brings along with it ambitions, aspirations, & attractions. As we get attached to these, we like thirsty animals look towards attaining these to quench our thirst. But alas ! we do not realise that all of these are just like a mirage. Once you attain any of them, your thirst will still not be quenched. And the time you don’t attain them, you will live in nervous restlessness.

Our mind is not at peace. It is constantly yearning for that extra achievement to butter its ego. We need to feel superior to the rest of humanity, otherwise we feel a lack of contentment. But alas ! This thought too is a mirage.

We miss an important point here. Contentment is not linked to your level of accomplishment. Even billionaires are not content as they constantly strive to move up the billionaires club ladder.

Contentment is linked to a key mental attribute. It is called “resignation”. Resigning oneself to one’s fate & the events happening in one’s life often leads to contentment & peace. The restless mind suddenly finds peace. Resignation need not mean lack of action to change the situation but instead means the wilful acceptance to life’s present circumstances with gratitude.

Resignation is one of the keys of contentment !