Respect is the foundation of strong relationships. Respect on 1 hand means to admire people who are not so close. It could be your spiritual leader, a businessman, a politician, etc. This respect is based on admiration. Because from a distance that's the only respect possible.

But, for the people who are close to us, who are part of our everyday life, there is another respect needed. This respect is not measured in terms of admiration. You generally admire people less when they are closer to you. You suddenly see their weaknesses, the admiration becomes less. But, these close people too deserve our respect. The respect we give them defines the nature of our relationships.

The respect to the close ones is a bit different. There is more love, more affection, less admiration. You don't need to admire a person to love that person. The ability to love imperfections is a mark of true love. It's a test of our love.

To the close ones, our respect turns in the form of "space". Do we give space to our near and dear ones so they enjoy their lives on their terms ? Or is it that just because we are so close to them we take undue advantage of this closeness and impose our views on them ? Do we believe people should respect only our views ? Can your mother, father, son, wife, sister, or friend not have different thoughts ? Can they not be given the space to feel comfortable to do what they want without it affecting the relationship ? The answer is simple. If you truly love, you truly respect, then you will give space. The space you give is not a license to become distant. It is a license to enjoy the difference. Space exists in air. Only then you can breathe. Respect is space. We need to breathe. Respect is space.

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