There were 7 family adults sitting over dinner. They were having a discussion about the newly elected President of USA, Donald Trump. The dinner was not ordinary, it was a Christmas dinner. It was hence, elaborate, and went on for long. During this period, it seemed nearly every family member had a different opinion about Donald Trump. It ranged from respect to indifference to disgust. The man was the same. The same Donald Trump was a different man for different people.

In the same way, we all wear different spectacles of vision. These different spectacles make all our visions look different. We are looking at the same thing, but our vision is different, our viewpoint is different, our opinion is different. Same subject, different opinions.

Opinions often cause great turmoil. Opinions disturb us at a personal level and also are subject to great community disturbance when uttered by prominent people. It is sensible to offer your opinions with caution, but it is also cautiously needed to respect other opinions with sensitivity. Often, we judge a person by his opinions. But such judgements are often prone to mistakes as we don't have either the knowledge of his background nor the understanding of his entire reasoning to form a correct judgement. Also, judgements are not needed. There is no need to be a judge always. Let things stay the way they are. Your judgement will most probably hardly matter. Judgements make us colored. We lose the natural purity of the external beauty. We can't sit back and admire, because we are busy judging.

Opinions need to be enjoyed. You need to be an observer to opinions, not a judge. Try and enjoy the diversity of opinions. The problem happens when we ourselves get opinionated and jump into the thick of action. Now, we are in a battle, and we have to defeat the opinion on the other side. Suddenly, we feel restless, nervous. Being too opinionated does just that. You lose your internal peace. Terrorists and fanatics are born out of this deeply opinionated thinking. Their deep internal turmoil is reflected in violence. Opinions are your internal views. If you are sure of them, preserve their safety in your mind. Truth wins, even if it stands alone. Your opinion will win if it does not feel the dying need to come out and prove its superiority to others. Because an opinion often cannot have superiority, but only security. If it is secure, then automatically it will respect opinions.

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