When romance takes place we feel we are flying. Because it is in the air. In romance, you can't pinpoint the cause, and effect. You can't define it. Because it is in the air. Romance is not practical so as to be grounded. A romanticist is always flying. Romance is in the air.

Romance is nerve wracking. On one side is the excitement of getting accepted by your lover, and on the other side is the fear of rejection. Romance always keeps us on the edge. We need to be steady or else we could just fall off. Romance often resembles the turbulence on a flight. We feel nervous. Because romance is in the air.

Romance is about connecting. When we can connect to our beloved, we get acceptance. We all seek acceptance. But the acceptance in romance is the ultimate acceptance. It is a question not only of love, but also of our pride. Rejection in love is a hit on our ego. We often fail to understand the cause of rejection. It's not about ourself alone, it's also the situation the other person is in. Also, in romance, there are no rules. It is total free style. Romance is in the air.