You have 2 selves - outer, and inner. The outer is your looks, wealth, power, fame, and achievements. The inner is your humanity.

Often, when we try to achieve success in our outer self, we could be overlooking success in our inner self. The best combination is to succeed in both. But happiness comes only through success in your inner self.

The inner self comprises every act of kindness you do. It's not the magnitude alone, it's also the frequency. When this happens, your breath will smell with the fragrance of kindness.

When you consider the growth of your inner self as one of your life's goals, you have planted the seeds of your happiness. Inner self cannot grow automatically. It needs to be worked on at a conscious level. Everyday you have to make a choice to press the positive button of human value or its opposite. Only your conscious thinking can guide it to positivity. Be sensitive to your humanity. See your inner self.

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