The mother yelled at the teenaged girl. She was only 14 years old. She came home at 5am early morning from the New Year party. Her parents were worried because they had given a 2am deadline to their daughter. She did not even bother to inform of her late arrival home. The anger is a natural outburst for concerned parents. Many teenagers back answer. But this girl was respectful, she said "sorry" in a whispering tone, put her head down in shame, and stool still in silence. Often, silence is the best answer.

Silence is the language of forgiveness. When you forgive the one who hurt you, you don't get back at that person. You don't take revenge. Instead, you drop your ego, you forgive the person, and you answer the person in total silence. The silence indicates that the hurt caused to you was irrelevant, it also indicates that you will not reply an insult with an insult. You have chosen to value the relationship more than your ego. Hence, the forgiveness through silence.

There are other places for silence too. Many times people want to talk to you, hear their story. They don't exactly expect a response, they just want your ears. Often, a response negates the understanding of the point he was trying to make. A response of reflective silence is often the best. Because there is no response needed, no judgement needed, but just understanding. Silence is the language of understanding.

Silence is a beautiful language. Words attempt to describe. Silence understands the description. Silence contemplates. Silence reaches depth. Silence is still, and quiet. It absorbs its surroundings. It feels the pulse. Many times questions can be posed through silence. A mere look, a glance conveys it.

Words try to use reason, they are the carriers of the intellect. Silence uses the purity of feelings. The feeling of compassion. Lovers never talk much. Because they understand each other. You can know the presence of people around you by words. But try doing this - gather a people in a room, and become totally silent. You will then not know their presence, but feel it. We are often listening to a topic of discussion which is arising purely from the heart. The feelings are running deep. Don't respond then. Because, silence is the best answer.