Silent Energy

He was sitting a quiet corner. He put his finger on his lips in a pose of quiet contemplation. Contemplation is always deep. His entire body was frozen like a statue. Not a single movement. The thought was very deep. To concentrate fully, he had to freeze all other activities, and movements. As he focussed on the object of his thought, he came closest to wisdom. Wisdom is the ultimate expression of silent energy.

Energy is always silent. Only it's manifestation is not. The roots and births of energy are internal. In this stage, it is silent, it is quiet. When energy has to absorb a form, when the roots need to give birth to their fruits, energy moves from silence to expression. It needs to express, its silence is broken, its intentions become known.

Silent energy is beautiful. It's never nervous. It keeps building internal force without expression. It gathers steam. Such silent energy can be compared to knowledge. It keeps increasing its depth through observation, and learning. It does not need to show off its knowledge. Because it is silent. The mind is still. It's a perfect observer. Like a dry cloth, it soaks in the moisture. It is only through silence, we can develop greater energy, greater knowledge, wisdom.

The greatest wisdom developed through silence, prayer, and meditation is always expressed through innocence. This energy is pure. It does not have worldly ambitions. It is free from bondage. Innocence has power unparalleled. Because it is always trusted. It's intentions are pure. They exist in itself, but not with any goal.

Wisdom is pure. Because it gives nobility to knowledge. It is knowledge's virtue. If knowledge existed by itself, but did not have wisdom in its conclusion, it could never be complete. Wisdom makes knowledge complete. Wisdom can be expressed even in silence. Wisdom is fully potent, it can penetrate dumbness and transform it. In it's natural state, wisdom is the pinnacle of silent energy.