Many people in this world suffer from social phobia. The meaning of this is they have a fear & suffer anxiety when they are put in a social setting comprising people. This could be either manifested due to self consciousness while speaking, eating, or other things, or could be just being uncomfortable with people around.

It is possible that all of us may have suffered social phobia some time or the other & also there are people who are living under constant social phobia. This is an embarrassing situation & needs to be overcome through the right mental conditioning.

If we have a look at a careful insight as to the primary cause of social phobia, it is the fear of being judged. We are afraid that we may make a bad impression on others. How do we overcome this fear ? 1 technique is to lower one’s ego - because a low ego can handle bad judgements, impressions, & insults of others with ease. Also, social phobia is often caused by low self esteem. Over here we need to have faith in ourselves, & realise that we have as many strengths as others. Identifying the correct cause can give us the right mental remedy.

Unlike most physical ailments, curing mental problems is often the toughest thing to do. But the same brain which entangles itself in a holy mess has the potential to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. You create what you think.

The most important fear we often face is the fear of being judged. We feel the whole world is judging us. We often forget that the other people are so engrossed in their daily lives that they hardly care for you, or judge you. Each is living with his own aspirations, & problems. Hence, most people look inwards more at themselves than others. So, relax & enjoy yourself.

Social phobia can often be encountered by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes !