He had a splitting headache. It was common to him. It was a migraine. But there was one problem. He had run out of his migraine medicine. He asked his younger brother to get it for him. His brother was entertaining guests at home. To arrange for it, the younger brother had to leave his guests for 10 minutes, do some co-ordination and arrange for the medicines. The medicines came. The problem was solved. Did the younger brother have fun or was it a botheration for him during his time with guests ?

When a problem comes to you, it's a tennis ball in your court. You have to hit it back at the opponent. To hit back and give the best response, you need positivity and fighting spirit. If you don't have positivity and the will to win, the match is lost before it starts. In the same vein, if you don't have the will to solve people's problems, you will not be consulted or sought after when problems come. You will face isolation. An island waiting to be marooned in the sands of history with no place in the world.

The problems of this world are yours. The problem of humanity are yours. You are part of this world, part of humanity. If we say billions of drops make the ocean, and if you are only 1 drop, and you say what difference can I make, the ocean will slowly lose all its drops, and may even disappear. But has that ever happened ? The ocean stays the way it is. In this is a sign, in this lies humanity's hope. The sign that the ocean is not losing its drops, the sign that the noble, helpful souls continue to light the way in the darkness of problems.

Problems always have 2 aspects - the physical and the mental. Anything physical can be addressed rationally and logically. But to do that it needs to be complemented with the requisite mental strength and positivity. So many physical problems appear so huge to be conquered. But even the tallest mountain, Mount Everest, has been conquered by man. The strength of human spirit is limitless. It needs a spirit which has joy, and fun when problems arise. Problems are not a threat to your existence, but an opportunity to conquer and rise. If you change the prism of your view, the burden of problems can change to fun in solving them. It's how you programme your mind. The programme of having fun in life's roller coaster.

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