He sat in his chair. He felt uneasy. He could not fathom the reason of creation - his creation, and the world's creation. He was blessed with intelligence, but his intelligence felt at a loss when trying to understand this question. He had no answer, but he wanted an answer. He could not accept his weakness not to understand. But often accepting our weakness not to understand becomes our strength. We find peace.

We have limitations. Intellectually, we are the smartest species, so we rule. But we have 1 deficiency. We cannot understand our creator. We are at a loss to understand - how he operates, why he operates ? We understand our peers only. But when the equation becomes creator-created, the created being finds intellectual challenges. Man created the car. Man understands the car, but the car does not understand him.

Often, we feel very small in the vastness of this universe. To overcome this, we try and create our identity. But, there is 1 problem in this. We have no identity. We create our own self-identity in our imagination. We create our ego. When ego is created, it has the identity to defend, its superiority to defend. In such a case, we often can't accept intellectual defeat. That's the cause of pain. Sometimes, we speak with arrogance as if we know it all. In this case, we are not speaking, it's our identity trying to assert itself. Only, if we accepted in humility our ignorance. Our identity manifests itself in our desire to know everything. But sometimes, it's better not to try and understand.

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