Imagination can lead to invention. In business, it can lead to innovation. When you imagine, you create a vision for the future. You may create a fairytale setting of the future. In this fairytale future lies the seeds of anxiety, and mental unrest. There is no fairytale in the future. Your expectations will start causing you distress. Bring the fairytale to the present. Let your present be heaven. Stop your imagination.

Go to any business school, they will teach you the power of realising dreams. It is about the future. We are not content with the present, so now we have to depend on the future. But the future can never come. It's just a dream. We lose the joy of the present. Stop your imagination.

Nearly every mental problem is due to an imagination which has run wild. We start hallucinating, and day dreaming. We are sitting on an angry, wild tiger with no control. We stop enjoying the simple joys of daily living. Our imagination has put our very existence in danger. Stop your imagination.

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