Lot of research, talk, debate, and solutions have been discussed around the word "stress". It seems we have accepted stress to be part of our daily life. Hence, there is a need to manage it. This has led to rise in "Stress Management" gurus.

Stress in simple terms means emotional disturbance. Either you are hurt, angry, greedy, proud, jealous, or lustful. These are the basic factors which cause anxiety, or depression. In short, this is stress. To manage stress, we need to have skills to manage our emotions. We all feel disturbed at times. But the question is for how long, and with what intensity ?

To manage stress, the following 7 guidelines may help you :

* feel blessed to be part of the universal unity - feel gratitude

* forgive easily - drop ego

* care for others - spread love

* humility shines - talk about others, not yourself

* help those in need

* be calm in difficulties - don't be afraid to lose

* be true to your ownself

Stress comes through negativity in thoughts, words, or actions. The above 7 guidelines could help you be more positive. You may feel nice if have difficulty remembering the last time you felt stressed. You no more need to manage it, it is controlled by itself in the auto mode. Stress now cannot control you, because you have brought it under your control.

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