Some people believe their lives are fully pre-destined. The stars are supposedly controlling their destiny. Hence, whatever happens to them is due to the fate which is written for them at the time of their birth. Such an outlook ensures that their life becomes fully fatalistic, & devoid of the drive for positive action to determine change in the future.

The other side of the coin makes people believe that there is nothing like destiny. The fruit of their lives are fully determined by their independent actions. They say to themselves that they are “karmayogi”, which means they believe only in their own actions.

In the world the truth could be either that we are 100% controlled by the stars or 0%, or somewhere in between. The fact is that each of us has the right to believe in the truth matching with his rationale. However, let us say that your rationale does not matter. Let us follow the truth or belief which will give us the most peace of mind. Which truth is that ?

The truth which would generally give us the most peace of mind is the belief which says that - 50% is controlled by the stars & 50% is controlled by our actions. This type of thinking ensures that we don’t become fully fatalistic & resign ourselves into a shell of depression blaming our stars all the time. It gives us the scope to rise like a phoenix from the ashes through the belief in the positivity of our actions, karma, & values. Also, when we say that 50% is through actions, we also give the scope to resign ourselves to our destiny in life threatening circumstances. In such cases, action will not work, only patience will.

Hence, the above argument says that it does not matter what is the truth in the tug of war between pre-determination & determination, but we need to perceive the truth in such a way which will give us mental balance.

Strike a balance between pre-determination ( destiny ) & determination ( actions ) !