Sub-Conscious Is A Ruler

At the back of his mind, he knew that charity would make him feel better. He walked down the dark road and saw a couple of hungry beggars, with ragged clothes sitting on the pavement wearing a helpless expression. He took this opportunity to do what he did all along in his life when he was feeling sad. He bought food for the beggars and sat with them for a while. As he was about to leave, he gave them some money which could help them survive for atleast a week. He was now feeling light, his good deed positively affecting his mood. Charity in times of sadness was ingrained in his sub-consciousness. He brought his sub-conscious into his consciousness through the act of charity. The sub-conscious mind is the ruler, the consciousness the mere subject.

The sub-conscious mind is made up of our beliefs, which keep evolving over the years with our knowledge, and experiences. We are shaped by our sub-conscious. Our sub-conscious is shaped naturally with the happenings in our life, but we can choose to programme our sub-conscious through our mental interventions. We can deliberately programme beliefs in us which we feel will benefit us. On one side, our sub-conscious is constantly naturally influenced, on the other side it is subject to artificially induced influence.

Sub-conscious is hidden consciousness. We are not aware of it, but it is there somewhere. Consciousness is our awareness. We live it. We can't live our sub-consciousness. But sub-consciousness creates awareness at a future date. The distinction between the 2 is awareness. Awareness can be expressed, consciousness can be expressed. Therefore, sub-consciousness seeks the partnership of consciousness to express. Sub-conscious is the hidden DNA of man. It is the ultimate ruler.

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