A sweet mannerism needs strength. Because sweetness makes you vulnerable. You appear weak, mild, gentle, and timid. You appear defenceless. Very often mild people go into a shell because they are prone to be attacked in a conversation by the more strong mannered people. This inferiority complex of the gentle people is because they have not recognised how their sweetness is actually their greatest strength. They feel they are too humane. They have failed to recognise their potential. The potential that "sweetness has strength".

Now, when we observe carefully a conversation between a strong mannered individual and a mild mannered individual, we suddenly find that during a conversation the strong mannered appears more vulnerable. Their strength does not allow the spirit of the human touch to shine. This major weakness happens in an overtly, strong, overpowering personality. Their strength becomes a weakness. Humanity appears missing when you are too strong. It comes out as arrogance sometimes. Sweetness has strength.

Every person has a sweet side and a tough side to him. When you feel happy within yourself, content, you feel more of your sweetness coming out. When you are not content with yourself, and your surroundings, you suddenly start getting tough. Your internal emotional barometer decides the sugar content of your behaviour. Human values has the power to transform internal contentment. It is the key to your external behaviour, and interactions. Simple human values like gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience when practised in daily life lead to inner transformation. You may suddenly not feel you are the same person that you were 1 year back. Suddenly, you will find yourself a much nicer, sweeter person. You will feel gentle in your temperament, but will feel an internal strength within. Sweetness has changed the flavour of your life. Sweetness has strength.

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