Positive people talk about positive things. They talk about possibilities. They talk with love. They talk about hope. The experience with positive people is inherently joyful. Because they talk about joys.

Negative people always burden you down with worries. Small worries are not needed in daily conversation. But something of a serious nature needs to be deliberated with the intense seriousness it deserves. We don't call this negative, instead we call it a serious discussion. However, the other talk - the negative talk revolves around rumour, gossip, and back-biting. Your energy feels drained in such an environment. You need to regain your energy. Talk about joys.

Say nice things to people. Make them feel nice. Because all of us are nice, and have a divine touch. So refresh your conversation with soulfulness. Your words need to touch the heart. That is refreshing. Talk about your joys.