Teaching means to impart knowledge. A teacher by Indian traditions is considered a "Guru". A teacher is revered. His place is given immense respect. Infact Indian traditions have assigned a special day called "Guru Purnima" where the students pay respect and give "dakshina"(gifts) to their teacher or guru. It is a beautiful tradition. It emphasises the importance of teaching, and learning. It shows the importance of imparting and acquiring knowledge.

The acquisition of knowledge is very important. It throws light where earlier there was darkness. It shows the path. It gives clarity. Most importantly, pure knowledge imbibed from a true source gives peace to the soul. The role of a teacher or a guru in such an important journey cannot ever be under emphasized. Where there is teacher or guide, there is inner tranquility.

A guru must keep in mind 7 PRINCIPLES for effective teaching.

I share with you the 7 PRINCIPLES for effective teaching:


Teaching must be gentle. Mildness has far greater capacity for outreach than force. Gentleness is a reflection of self assurance.


A teacher must have conviction in his branch of knowledge. He must believe in what he propagates. It is only through self-belief does a teacher truly flower.


A teacher must be well versed in his area or branch of knowledge. He must have the depth of knowledge where he can answer with logic and reasoning the doubts of the students.

• 4 » JOY

A teacher must enjoy his art, and skill. He must feel a special sense of accomplishment when his disciples or students realize and learn something new. He must feel an inner joy at himself being a source of light.


A teacher is often looked upon as an inspiration. When a teacher can inspire and energize students to higher levels of learning and actions, it is correct to state that he has reached the pinnacle of his art. The world salutes inspirational teachers who inspire humanity to higher levels of nobility.


A teacher needs to be patient while teaching. Very often students interrupt, ask foolish questions, and indulge in indisciplinary behaviour. He has to react with calmness and patience. His composure will be tested at such times.

• 7 » LOVE

When teaching is delivered with love, its effect is maximised. Messages when delivered with love leave deep imprints in the hearts of the recipient. Do it with love.

Teaching is an art, a skill. It is also a science. The art of teaching can be considered both as natural (God given) as well as acquirable. The 7 Principles mentioned above will help a teacher hone his art for maximum success and effect.

My dearest Peacekeepers, today is the day of Guru Purnima. Do send a small note of gratitude to all those who have given you learning and knowledge in life. To those teachers due to whom your life today is richer, lovelier, wiser, and happier. You owe this minimum to them.