Technology has no life. But our lives cannot survive without it. Technology gives life.

Every bit of our lives have a byte. Our lives it seems are perfectly coded. It allows it to bring order, and maximise our comforts and pleasures.

Technology in the mobile age has been accused of dehumanising us. Maybe it dehumanises us in terms of social skills. But never before in the history of mankind has technology connected so many people on the same platform - the internet. This interconnectivity has raised our emotional quotient. The whole of humanity it seems is smiling more , loving more . Boundaries of emotional expressions have been crossed. We are now more free. We feel more. Everything is more interesting now. It is thanks to technology.

Technology is a sign of man's progress. Our civilisation has evolved. Our life feels more full.

But technology is only a catalyst, a tool. You need the same mind, and heart to use it. Our heart beat is intertwined with technology. Technology is life.

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