Life is a test. We are constantly being tested. It is a test of our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual balance, and maturity. Each test determines our outcome. It gives us a score how we have fared in the test. A higher score indicates greater happiness, inner peace.

The 7 tests are :

* Test of Detachment - Are you able to look at things with detachment or you are too attached to your possessions, and relationships ?

* Test of Patience - Are you able to handle your difficulties with patience, and perseverance or do you panic ?

* Test of Helpfulness - Do you go all out to help others or do you find easy excuses and shirk the responsibility ?

* Test of Humility - Do you remain humble even when successful or are you prone to pride and arrogance ?

* Test of Gratitude - Are you grateful for life, people, and things or do you constantly complain ?

* Test of Forgiveness - Do you forgive easily or do you take revenge ?

* Test of Love - Do you feel love, and care for others or are you prone to intolerance ?

These 7 tests determine your inner peace. Every decision, and action will either add to your karmic balance of peace or reduce it. When you live life with human values, you enjoy the connectivity with people, and your own self. The test which others will feel will happen to you in the auto mode. You will no more have to search for the answers because you are the answer.