The Big Ben

It stood tall in the centre of London. A tall tower. But this was not a tower only. It had a giant clock on all its 4 sides. Big Ben is a busy tourist place, everyone wants to see this tall clock tower. This tall clock which relays the time to its citizens signifies something much deeper.

The tower is tall, the investment huge. So many thousands and thousands of pounds of investment. All it does is relay the time. This huge investment only to tell us the true time. What's the message ?

The message is time is precious, the most valuable. It's value is such that even money can't buy it. Money can't stop time. Can you bribe Big Ben and stop it for 10 years ? Time does not wait. Time moves on. Every second is precious. Make every moment count. Live the present fully. It will never come back.

As you move out of the physical sphere, you will lose space, matter, and time. It will all be timeless. Time is measured by the movement of the sun, and the planets. Outside the physical realm, none of this exists. Your soul will be timeless. There will be no Big Ben to hurry you or worry you. Till that time comes, enjoy the ticking movement of this Big Ben, and while enjoying life's pleasures you neither become dependent nor attached to it, because your preparation for timelessness needs to start.

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