Every child is a blessing. A child is a gift from God. Hence, it's a blessing. A girl child is a blessing just like a boy child. It's no different.

The male, and female genders have some similarities and differences. The similarities lies in their humanity and human nature. The differences primarily lies in their physical being. We can't say any of the sexes is intellectually superior because in the exams in academic institutions both fare equally well. The same lies with their emotional make up.

A girl child is special in many respects. Ask a father in old age how much extra care only a daughter can give. Ask those young students who get the most caring, and sensitive education mostly from the female gender. Ask a small child and he will say that his mother loves him the most. This is only due to the blessing of a girl child. Let's value every woman, and girl, because in the human equation they complete the incomplete part. Humanity lives on because only a woman can produce a child, not a man. Let's acknowledge the power of every woman, who is a daughter to her parents 1st. It's the blessing of a girl child.

Happy Daughter's Day (Sep 24) !

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