The Coffee Shop

It could seat 70 people. It had an amazing range of coffees from all over the world. Besides the coffees, there were some yummy snacks, both sweet and salted. The walls were painted with maps of different countries. It was called "The Global Peace Cafe".

This coffee shop was inaugurated in heart of the bustling cosmopolitan, Mumbai @ 12.21 pm. At the very same hour of the inauguration, it was the hustling of the morning rush hour in Paris. In it's crowded rush hour train traffic, it suddenly seemed as if time just came to a stop. There was a loud explosion. A bomb had burst. In the aftermath of its destruction lay 12 dead, 21 injured. The evil terrorists struck with terror at the same time when in the Indian civilisation the roots of a peace symbol was emerging. Terror and peace are in a constant fight. Each one trying to prove its supremacy.

"The Global Peace Cafe" was unique in many aspects. It was inaugurated at 12 hours 21 minutes p.m. The 21 was significant because it was a symbol of the 21 Peace Gems in "The World Peace Triangle". The 21 Peace Gems comprised 7 Gems of Peace With Oneself, 7 Gems of Peace With People, and 7 Gems of Peace With Nations. This triangle represented the symbolic foundation of "The World Peacekeepers Movement", a large movement of nearly 1.7 million Peacekeepers on Facebook as on Oct, 2017. The uniqueness of the coffee shop was the way it integrated human values into a coffee shop.

"The World Peacekeepers Movement" propagated the 7 Peace Values of gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience and truth as comprising the path to inner peace. These 7 Peace Values were integrated into the coffee shop. For example, when you ordered a cappuccino you needed to select a Peace Value along with it, so if you selected "Love", your order would be called "Love Cappuccino" and you would be served with love cups, and tissue paper. In the same way, you could gift a "forgiveness" dish from the menu to someone you wanted to make up with. There being such endless ways. It was a beautiful, innovative way of driving these lovely values in a more mundane coffee shop environment. It made this coffee shop soulful. It became living, it had a life beyond normal coffee and conversations, a life which would touch and connect hearts.

A coffee shop represents this world. People sit for sometime and then leave. You hang out with your own group. In life, we hang out with our own family, friends. We need to pay for what we eat. In life, we pay for resources we consume. We have different types of interactions with people around us. Sometimes it is serious, at other times funny, and at times argumentative. It's a mini-mirror image of life. But just imagine if we spent our time in this coffee shop, without a spiritual connect to humanity. If we could not feel the spirit of others. We would be a bit like a robot. It is when we feel the depth of positive emotions through the practise of human values (peace values), our life gets a meaning, a soul. This coffee shop never closes, it is open 24 hours. Our earth has no end point. So next time you go to a coffee shop, close your eyes for 2 minutes, think about the 7 Peace Values, and remember that if you recall them and practise them, you will be entitled to a red carpet exit when you leave the coffee shop. Your death will turn not be a moment of worry, or regret but of your graceful glory.