The Deepest Love Is Intimacy

The young boy looked at his mother. He was lying on the bed. He was unwell with fever for 2 days. He was weak. When the boy looked at his mother, he did not have to talk. He just looked. His mother did not have to reply. She just looked. As they looked at each other, they communicated through the eyes. When you reach that level of trust, your communication transcends the verbal sphere, it reaches its highest sphere - the intimate.

When you communicate through intimacy, the background music is always love. Intimacy is the language of the lovers. They just look, they just whisper, they are soft, gentle, they experience total bliss. There is no mistrust. The 2 souls have merged in intimacy. Only soulmates can talk with each other in this language.

Unfortunately, this is one of our greatest failings as a human race. We can't trust completely. We are not fully comfortable with others. And in fact even with our closest ones. We are just unable to shed the mask of our worldly personality. We are fully clothed even emotionally. In this we feel we can protect ourselves, we can protect our delicate egos. It's because of this emotional defence mechanism, we are unable to let ourselves fully go, we can't surrender to the other person. When you can't surrender fully, you can't trust fully, you lose the opportunity to experience true bliss, the bliss which only intimacy can give.

Heaven can be experienced right on this earth. The protection of your ego has to be thrown. You need to embrace the entire humanity as your lover. You are making love in every interaction, conversation. You need to feel the inner soul of your lover. Every human being is your lover. When you do that the language of your soul will be love, and the act of your love will be called "intimacy".