The Dope Of Hope

On the bed he lay. His doctor said he would need to be in bed for a month. He had slip disc. Suddenly, he felt like a vegetable, totally lifeless, totally hopeless. Where there is no hope, our future seems black. Look into a dark tunnel - what do you see ?, nothing. Hopelessness means the spelling of the future is nothing.

In everything, we can have hope. In every tunnel, we can have light. Every problem has a solution. Every pain can be made into a gain. Even in every stress, we can feel life's grateful bless. Will power is the ignition of hope. When the ignition is put on, you drive the car of hope in life.

In bad health, we have hope of a cure. In poverty, we have hope of God's helping hand. In relationship mess, we can press the twin buttons of forgiveness and patience, and feel better, not any less. And lastly, in the ultimate move of life, death, we have hope of liberation, freedom, and salvation from the human cycle of suffering.

Hope is a thought. It's seed is in the mind. Where the mind has faith, values, and virtues, we find hope flourishes. Hope is the necessary dope for the mind. It has no side effects. But when it is withdrawn, you suffer withdrawal symptoms. You feel pain and suffering. Where there is no hope, life loses meaning, the heart loses feeling. So, the next time you feel the dope of hope is withdrawing from you, excite your life through body, mind, and soul. When you feel the spark of excitement, you will forever feel the ecstatic high of the dope of hope.

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