Ego is our identity. It protects our identity, image. When our image gets a beating, the ego is crestfallen. Ego lives on praise, and success. That is the food of ego. The ego can never have a full stomach. It wants to eat more and more. It seeks constant praise and success. The ego runs the rat race. Hence, the ego is impatient.

But instead of listening to your ego, you can listen to your spirit. The spirit feeds on your humanity. It feeds on love, helpfulness, compassion, and humility. The spirit has no destination to reach, and hence feels no competition. The spirit is patient.

The ego is you, the spirit is universal. The ego is a receiver, the spirit is a giver. The ego is selfish, the spirit is selfless. The ego cannot take an insult, the spirit can forgive every insult. The ego has arrogance, the spirit has humility. The ego is impatient, the spirit is patient.