There are many organisations making efforts made to ensure world peace. United Nations is probably the biggest.

What exactly is world peace?

World Peace stands on 3 main pillars:

1. Peace With Oneself (Inner Peace)

2. Peace With People

3. Peace With Nations

However, if we examine the above 3 more closely, it is a very simple conclusion. Only if you have the 1st pillar - "Peace With Oneself (Inner Peace), then can you have the other 2 pillars.

Hence, the foundation of world peace is based on inner peace.

"The World Peacekeepers Movement" comprising more than 2 million Peacekeepers on Facebook forms the world's 2nd largest army, The World Peace Army.

It is a movement based on the 7 Peace Values of:

* gratitude

* forgiveness

* love

* humility

* giving

* patience

* truth

Each Peace Value is celebrated on 1 day of the week.

The World Peace Army celebrates these 7 Peace Values and through them achieve greater inner peace. When we are conscious of good human values, and we put them in practise in our daily lives, we acquire the greatest blessing of all, we clothe ourselves with inner peace. Anyone can wear this clothing. All it needs is the practise of human values to feel the fresh fragrance of inner peace.

Happy International Day of Peace (Sep 21)