Does God know the future? Maybe no. Because the future is being constantly written through present karma. The present karma is carried on through man's free will. God has no role. The future is unknown, because it is not yet fully written. The future is open.

When the future is open, don't close the door of your possibilities. The greatest possibility involves your inner peace. You can buy your inner peace. It is a commodity in the market. Money can't buy it. But instead you can buy your inner peace through human values. Start now. Secure your future. The future is open.

If our future were closed, everything written in advance, everything pre-destined, then we would not be accountable for our actions. There would be no concept of free will. But that's not true. Because there is free will, we face the consequences of our actions. Our actions create the future. And we have to be rewarded for them or pay for them. The future is open.

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