We want to be somebody. Somebody of substance. Somebody who will be listened to, respected to. We want name, fame. We seek recognition. It's as if the outside world has to pass a judgement on us. And we seek a positive judgement.

We are playing a wrong game.

When we seek adulation from others, we play to the gallery. It's an act. We become an actor. Truth loses meaning. We try and project a false image of ourself. After all it is a game to be somebody. And there are no rules.

Can you play an opposite game?

The game to be a nobody.

How do you play this game? You play this by focusing on the other person, not yourself. It is so simple. When you do this, you become a nobody in the eyes of the other person. You give him all the focus, and attention. That person becomes a somebody, and you become a nobody.

You have won the game. Congrats!

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