It seemed the angel had gentle, and soft hands. But hey, wait a minute! Do angels really exist? Going by most religions they do. In fact, miracles happen due to them. Due to their acts, their hands.

The hidden hand of God, is said by some are the hands of angels. When God, the universal superpower wishes to act, he does it through his army. And his army is made of angels. Angels can only do good, not wrong, because God cannot do injustice to anyone. His army implements God's commands and wishes. When we see some bad fate, and bad luck befallen on someone, it's never due to God's injustice, it's due to bad karma. This is the theory of perfect justice.

We believe angels exist because religions have taught us that. We fear independence of our own thought, because the common human dependence on this same thought gIves us the security of being in the same herd. There is no greater security than belongingness. If we belong to some idea, or ideology, we have security of being in fellow human company. We fear independence of thought, because the fear of isolation, and punishment is too great.

It seems we may come across a common consensus that the universal power is all powerful. The physical creation is just a playground. Maybe not His, maybe not ours also, but it's a game whose purpose is shrouded in mystery. Theories try to lay at rest the mystery through the best logic possible, but for men whose intelligence is supreme they can only vouch for them as a theoretical possibility.

Angels are said to be formless, and matterless. Then the basic question must arise as to how they can act in this physical sphere. The 2nd most important question is when God, the all powerful, has full power, why would he need angels to implement? I submit to God, I have no answer to this.

This will not prevent me from thinking that angels are in the realm of possibility. In our business aren't there multiple power structures starting from top? Then maybe in God's business, it could be a possibility too. I have no way to verify the veracity of either claim. It's about a belief.

But I know 1 thing, when I see an old man being helped in his sickness, I see the hand of an angel. When I see a small child being given tender love by his mother, I see the hand of an angel. When I see a teacher guiding his student with knowledge, I see the hand of an angel. When I see a poor man being given financial help by a rich man, I see the hand of an angel. These angels I see everyday. These are human angels. This earth has peace because of them. These are the hands of the angels.

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