Children are innocent. They are not transactional. They are governed by pure love. They celebrate in their playfulness. They don't understand worry, or tension. Because their spirits are free. There is no bondage of expectations, and goals. This free spirit manifests itself in the innocence of inquisitiveness.

Inquisitiveness is different from investigation. In investigation, we are working towards a goal. In inquisitiveness, we simply express our innocence. When we inquire, we accept our lack of knowledge. We don't make a pretence that we don't know something. We just keep asking. We ask to know. And we ask out of only love. Inquisitiveness is pure, it is child like.

As we grow up, we lose our inquisitiveness. We are more self-centred, we think about ourselves. We lose our ability to reach out to others, we lose the pure love which constantly questions. Our inner worries makes us less sensitive to others. We feel less, we care less, and suddenly we become less inquisitive. Only where feelings run deep, inquisitiveness plays deep. The tree of inquisitiveness is intellectual, but it's roots are emotional. Emotions which are free, calm, happy give rise to the strong tree of inquisitiveness. Inquisitive is pure, we need a return to our childishness to enjoy the innocence of inquisitiveness.